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Something To Do For Every Day of the Week in Napa

Are you worried that you will miss an exciting attraction or that you won’t be able to find enough things to do in the Napa Valley to occupy everyone for a whole week? Don’t worry, there are so many things to do in Napa that you could come back for one week a year for a decade and not run out of things. Wine Tours While there are several different types and locations for wine tours in the Valley, you’d be wise to take a bit of time to plan exactly which wineries and other sights you want to see....

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Off the Beaten Path: Hiking the Napa Valley

There’s a bit more to the Napa Valley than delicious wine. If you’re planning a trip, your first step will be to secure Napa Valley hotel reservations and then begin planning your itinerary. Visits to vineyards, shopping and hiking are all part of the Napa experience.  Plan your hiking experience in Napa by learning about various trails and evaluating your experience. You can also decide how intense a hiking trip you want to do while on vacation. Easy Trails There are two notable easy hiking...

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Three Hands-on Wineries to Enjoy While visiting Napa

When visiting the Napa Valley, you may be overwhelmed with the options of wineries to visit. There are more than 450 wineries in a 30 mile radius. Touring and tasting wines from various vineyards is just part of the Napa Valley Experience. Once you’ve secured your Napa Valley lodging reservation then you can begin checking out the wineries and tour options. If you have never been to a winery then a hands-on tour would be ideal to get you started. These three hands-on wineries each offer a great...

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