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5 Incredibly Romantic Christmas Experiences in Napa

You don’t have to sacrifice romance when Christmas rolls around; there’s a way to experience both at the same time. Christmas in the Napa Valley is incredibly beautiful, steeped in sentimentality, and most importantly, full of incredible experiences for you and your loved one to enjoy. Here’s five of our most beloved places to visit for a romantic Christmas this year. St. Helena There’s always so much to do in St. Helena; Christmas festivities only add to the experience. Walk below street lamps...

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Romantic Napa Vacation

Even if you don’t like wine, there is a lot to be said for a romantic Napa vacation. The scenery alone is enough to create romance. No one says you have to drink wine, but if yo happen to enjoy a glass now and then, you might enjoy tasting something new. In the meantime, you can choose from one of Napa’s romantic hotels before you plan what you are going to do outside the room. Enjoy Your Own Blend For those who do enjoy different types of wine, don’t pass up the chance to make...

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