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uptown theater napa

Experienced the Uptown Theater in Napa? Attend a Show or Hold Your Special Event Here!

Is Napa Valley on your radar for a weekend getaway, a family holiday, or a special event that you wish to organize? Whether you are visiting or hosting, don’t miss out on experiencing the grandeur and beauty of the historic Uptown Theater in downtown Napa. Here’s why the Uptown Theater makes for a spectacular venue for catching a performance or hosting an event. Elaborately Restored Art-Deco Masterpiece: Built in 1937, and nestled in Napa’s West End district, Uptown is home to some...

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valentines day napa valley

Romance in the Valley: Enjoy a Valentine’s Day Weekend in Napa

There is something uniquely alluring about sipping wine in state-of-the-art tasting rooms, savoring delicately-crafted gastronomic delights, or getting a luxurious foot spa or back massage. Now imagine combining all this into one trip, amidst the rolling hills, lush vineyards, and beautiful weather of Napa Valley; with the love of your life by your side! Valentine’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, and happens to fall on a Friday. Which means, you can come to Napa, and make it a long weekend...

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napa weather

Raining in Napa? Let it! You Can Still Make the Most of Your Trip

Is a sudden downpour or an updated forecast of non-stop rain making you feel gloomy about your Napa trip? Don’t worry! There is so much to see, do and experience here, that come rain or sunshine, you can always enjoy some fun activities in Napa Valley. Besides, even a gentle shower tends to instantly magnify Wine Country’s beauty and grandeur. The lush, rolling hills look greener and brighter, giving the entire region that wonderful ‘washed-clean’ feeling. Despite any inclement weather, there...

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napa nightlife

Experience Art After Dark at the Lighted Art Festival Napa 2020

Napa Valley’s offerings go well beyond its verdant vineyards, exquisite wines, and gastronomic delights. From galleries, museums and exhibitions, to art, music and food festivals, Wine Country’s attractions will warm your heart, just as much as that glass of rich red, or shimmering white wine. The Napa Lighted Art Festival is one such imaginative event, where Napa’s iconic architecture become the paintings in themselves. Local and international artists create original artwork through stunning...

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