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Napa Valley Grape Harvest Season

What Grapes are Grown in Napa Valley?

While there are many factors at play, did you know that the overarching taste and color of wine come from its grapes and how the wine is aged? In Napa Valley, you may wonder what grapes are the most popular in a place known as “wine country.” To broaden your wine knowledge, here are the most popular grapes found in Napa Valley: Cabernet Sauvignon: Cabernet Sauvignon comes from ripe red grapes, and in Napa Valley, it accounts for 40 percent of their total production and 55 percent of...

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Best Rated Napa Wines for 2017

Mmm…wine! It’s what Napa is best known for. Year after year, wineries in the Napa Valley produce some of the most incredible vintages in the world, and 2017 was certainly no exception. From delightfully dark, jammy reds to the lightest, most delicate whites and even a few zinfandels, last year’s visitors got to taste an incredibly sumptuous and rich assortment of vinos. Here’s a few of the most highly recommended to try when you come! 2014 Bryant Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon At nearly...

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