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Interesting Facts about the Historic Napa Valley Wine Train – Did You Know?

If you have explored attractions to enjoy while staying in wine country, you most certainly heard of the Napa Valley Wine Train. This train is not only a must-ride for anyone new to wine country, but it is rich in history, hosts fun year-round events and is a great dinner option for the entire family. Even if you think you know the wine train – or perhaps have been on it before – there is plenty you might not know, including: It is a Gourmet Restaurant: This is not just a quick tour around the...

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6 Fun Holiday Events in Napa Valley

There’s so much to do in Napa Valley for the holidays. From gentle snowfalls and adventures around the best spas or wineries, Napa has a little something for just about everyone. We’ve made a little list of six fantastic holiday events and sights that you shouldn’t miss out on. Holidays in Yountville Nov. 20 thru Dec. 31 Yountville is known as the “brightest town in Napa Valley” when the holidays roll around. Stick for the various holiday events that occur over six weeks as well as the beautiful...

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Napa: More Weekend Activities

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Napa: More Weekend Activities Valentine’s Day certainly does provide an incredible opportunity to explore the romantic Napa Valley area. While there are plenty of romantic things you can do on your own, like picnics and hot air balloon rides, some of the area’s local wineries and shops are also putting together some fun events for you to check out. Valentine’s Day on the Wine Train Hurry and reserve a spot on the Wine Train for Dinner on Friday the 13th or for lunch...

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Things To Do In Napa Valley After Wine Tasting

While everyone knows that Napa Valley is the ideal place to go for great wine tasting, what’s a visitor to do after wine tasting? Napa Valley isn’t only about the wineries, we promise! There is no shortage of activities you can enjoy after wine tasting.  Here are a few: You can take a bike tour to enjoy the wineries from the ground level. See Napa Valley Bike Tours for some options. You can try a hot-air balloon ride. Gliding over the beautiful Napa Valley and viewing it all from a hot-air balloon...

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