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3 Exclusive, Appointment-Only Napa Tasting Experiences

Considering making a trip to Napa this year – or maybe in the New Year instead? If you’re a true wine connoisseur (or even someone who loves a good whiskey on the rocks), Napa will delight and excite you. We have some of the most famous and well-known wineries in the country right in our backyard. Tours are easy to access and filled with opportunities to indulge, but finding the truly special takes a little bit more work. These exclusive, appointment-only tasting experiences showcase some of the...

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Best Rated Napa Wines for 2017

Mmm…wine! It’s what Napa is best known for. Year after year, wineries in the Napa Valley produce some of the most incredible vintages in the world, and 2017 was certainly no exception. From delightfully dark, jammy reds to the lightest, most delicate whites and even a few zinfandels, last year’s visitors got to taste an incredibly sumptuous and rich assortment of vinos. Here’s a few of the most highly recommended to try when you come! 2014 Bryant Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon At nearly...

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Wine Etiquette: The Wine Tasting Process

When you visit Napa Valley, you’ll likely go on several wine tours to the local wineries. Wine tours are fun, relaxing and enjoyable, but you may be unsure of what to expect. How are you supposed to drink the wine? Is there any type of etiquette that you should follow? Typically, you want to taste wines in the order of light white to heavy reds, leaving the sweet wines for the end. Otherwise, if you drink a dry wine after a sweet wine, it will usually taste bitter. Wine tasting is all about the...

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8 Reasons to Drink More Wine

Not that we need any more excuses to drink wine here in Wine Country, but we thought it would be fun to appreciate some of the best reasons why we could all use a bit more wine in our lives. 1. Good for the heart. Red wine drinkers have a reduced risk of heart attack and cardiovascular risk. This most likely comes from the antioxidant resveratrol that reduces fat accumulation in the arteries and boosts heart function. 2. Good for the lungs. White wine has been linked to healthy lung function,...

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