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Things To Do In Napa Valley After Wine Tasting

While everyone knows that Napa Valley is the ideal place to go for great wine tasting, what’s a visitor to do after wine tasting? Napa Valley isn’t only about the wineries, we promise! There is no shortage of activities you can enjoy after wine tasting.  Here are a few: You can take a bike tour to enjoy the wineries from the ground level. See Napa Valley Bike Tours for some options. You can try a hot-air balloon ride. Gliding over the beautiful Napa Valley and viewing it all from a hot-air balloon...

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September is Fine Arts Month in Napa Valley

September is back-to-school month for many, but for those who appreciate the fine arts in Napa Valley, this month is all about open studios and art festivals. The area already kicked off the season with the Napa Valley Arts Festival in mid-August. Over Labor Day weekend, there was the Sausalito Art Festival and Napa Artisan’s Festival. But the fun doesn’t stop there. All of September is a wonderful time to take advantage of open studios and see the works of world-renowned artists. Later in the...

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Memorable Ways to Tour Napa Valley

Exploring the Napa Valley is an adventure in itself, even if you never get inside a winery at all! There are plenty of dedicated and local tour operators ready to offer you the Napa Valley tour you want – whether it is relaxed and carefree, or adventurous and exciting. There are many memorable ways to tour Napa Valley and the staff at the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites can help you arrange just the right tour for you. Call us at 707-226-1871 with your questions and we can provide additional...

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