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Best Spas in Napa Valley

Vacationing to the Napa Valley? You’re in for a treat! The area has some of the best accommodations, culture, cuisine, and wellness excursions available in the southwest. From wine to beautiful scenery, there’s just not much to dislike. More importantly, Napa has so much more to offer than just wine; the area is home to some of California’s best spas, too. Use this list to find the perfect treatment center or spa for your visit. From massage to aromatherapy, you’ll find it all right here. Health...

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Three Hands-on Wineries to Enjoy While visiting Napa

When visiting the Napa Valley, you may be overwhelmed with the options of wineries to visit. There are more than 450 wineries in a 30 mile radius. Touring and tasting wines from various vineyards is just part of the Napa Valley Experience. Once you’ve secured your Napa Valley lodging reservation then you can begin checking out the wineries and tour options. If you have never been to a winery then a hands-on tour would be ideal to get you started. These three hands-on wineries each offer a great...

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Spending Valentine's Day in Napa Valley

Ah, the sweet feeling of Valentine’s Day love. A roaring fireplace, a glass of red wine, a gourmet dinner — all of these make for the perfect setting when the romantic holiday rolls around. That’s what makes Napa Valley hotel reservations the perfect gift for lovers, be they together for just a few months or many, many years. Even though Napa Valley’s peak time occurs in the summer, late winter affords sweethearts a particularly unique opportunity to experience the valley anew. What’s so...

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Three Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in the Napa Valley

Thanksgiving in Napa Valley – wine, relaxation and quality time spent with friends. The Napa Valley is beautiful all year round, but autumn and especially Thanksgiving are uniquely so because the leaves are changing. Even wheat fields begin to take on their own dandelion yellow shade. Considering a vacation this year? Discover why you should give thanks in Napa Valley in this short, but helpful guide. California is Lush and Fertile There’s a common misconception held by many people who have...

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