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Escape to Napa Valley Before School Is Out

Napa Valley is a highly popular location in the summer months, so it can get a little chaotic when school lets out. Now is the ideal time to enjoy the warmer weather, soak up the spring flowers and sun, and have a quieter Napa experience before school ends for the summer break. Some of the best ways to tour Napa Valley are: By car – one of the most popular ways to tour Napa Valley on your own schedule is by car. At Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, we can help you map out your tour of Napa Valley...

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Napa Valley Wine Tours

Spring is a terrific time to visit Napa Valley’s world famous wineries. With vineyards surrounded by flowers and plants in bloom, get your senses ready to be dazzled! Wine Country in this region of California includes 400 wineries and spans across Napa Valley, Sonoma and neighboring areas. Navigating and choosing which wineries to visit can be a challenge. Here are a few options: World-renowned wineries: take a tour of some of the wineries that made the region popular worldwide, from Beringer...

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