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Safari West: Your Ticket to the Spirit of Africa

c/o: Gareth Weeks Nestled in Napa Valley are rolling vineyards, historic wineries and the spirit of Africa. That’s right; the Safari West brings the spirit of Africa to the heart of Wine Country. Safari West is tucked away on 400 acres of land and is home to over 400 exotic mammals and birds. It’s unlike anything else as it’s not a zoo or drive-through tour. Instead, Safari West is a wildlife preserve where exotic animals and birds can be observed in their natural habitat. The goal of this park...

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Get Local Favorites at the Oxbow Public Market

c/o: Marvin Harrell The Oxbow Public Market is located in Napa and offers an up-and-coming marketplace that includes a farmer’s market, riverfront patio dining and boutique shopping. Buying from Oxbow Public Market, you’re giving back to the community, supporting local farmers and wineries and expanding your palate to new flavors and fun. The sky is the limit when visiting the marketplace, and you can expect everything from coffee to ice cream to fresh cheese. There are also shops where you can...

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Wine Tasting Mid-Week Escape from Reality

Whether you need to break up the mid-week doldrums or you’d like to plan a special weekend away, consider Napa Valley to be your wine tasting vacation escape.  Hit some of Napa’s world famous wineries for that “out of the ordinary” experience. You don’t need a national holiday to schedule a few days of fun—just a few days off from work and an overnight bag.  Before you embark upon your wine tasting excursion here are a few tips to keep in mind: Map out your favorite wineries: ask friends or relatives...

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Wash Your Stress Away in a Napa Valley Mud Bath

Leave the anxiety and stress of the holidays behind you and get down and dirty in a famous Napa Valley mud bath. For centuries, mud baths have been known to offer soothing, almost womblike properties. The feeling of being encased in warm, soft mud helps to ease tense muscles and relax the soul. Developed by the Wapoo Indians, mud baths are a combination of volcanic ash, hot spring water and peat moss. Many Calistoga spas may add an aromatherapy ingredient, such as lavender or eucalyptus to further...

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