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The Weather is Cooler, but Napa is Always Heart-Warming

The winter months are a time for relaxing and recuperating – and they’re a great time to visit Napa Valley. The crowds of summer are gone, and the growers are rested and ready to share their knowledge. The chefs have time to spend whipping up extraordinary treats to delight. The winery cellars are open for sipping and swirling. It’s the perfect time to relax in between the holidays and, like the grapevines, recuperate from the stresses of the year. Take a gourmet walking tour to delight...

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Shhhhhh! It’s A Secret – the BEST Time to Visit Napa is in the Fall

Any time is a great time to visit Napa Valley, but each season of the year brings its own unique thrills. Not many people know it, but hands down, fall is the best time to visit California wine country. Why? The heat is gone, the summer tourists are gone, and this is the time the growers and winemakers wait all year to experience. Early fall is the harvest season, which visitors get to see, feel, and smell in Napa Valley, but now the essential work is over and the winemakers are breathing a sigh...

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