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Art Tours in the Napa Valley

What better way to enjoy the beauty and bounty of Napa Valley than by taking an art tour? If you love wine and have a penchant for art, it’s your number one destination for incredible experiences. Curious what you’ll find? In this guide, we’ll reveal a few of the area’s best artistic and cultural stopovers, including private galleries and artistic experiences. Many of these locations offer official group tours  — both with and without wine. Others are self-guided and better for the...

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Culture Your Cabernet – Napa Valley Arts April 1-30, 2014

You probably already know Napa Valley for its reputation with wine, but did you know that the Napa Valley wineries – over 75 of them to be exact – also have art on display for the public throughout the year? During the month of April, the Napa Valley celebrates one of our most favorite pairings: wine and art! The celebration is called Napa Valley Arts in April™ and it offers special access to some of the best art in the collections of Napa Valley.  Some of the wineries participating in Arts in...

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September is Fine Arts Month in Napa Valley

September is back-to-school month for many, but for those who appreciate the fine arts in Napa Valley, this month is all about open studios and art festivals. The area already kicked off the season with the Napa Valley Arts Festival in mid-August. Over Labor Day weekend, there was the Sausalito Art Festival and Napa Artisan’s Festival. But the fun doesn’t stop there. All of September is a wonderful time to take advantage of open studios and see the works of world-renowned artists. Later in the...

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