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Get Outdoors! Explore Napa’s Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces

With over 50 parks in all sizes and types, the City of Napa presents some amazing options to get outdoors and explore. For those seeking outdoor entertainment, Napa is the ideal playground. City parks run from the simple to stately. Historic parks and undeveloped spaces can be found everywhere. The downtown area has multiple parks; the largest of them is the Oxbow Preserve – a 13-acre passive use native plant reserve created on the peninsula formed by the Napa River Oxbow. Walking and cycling...

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Lace up your Hiking Boots for 4 Great Napa Valley Hikes

We know what you’re thinking – hiking in Napa? Yes, most people think of wine, food, vineyards and farm-to-table freshness when they think of Napa, but there are plenty of activities, hiking included, in Napa Valley. The Vaca and Mayacama mountain ranges that provide the backdrop to the valley are also great places to hike and the best opportunity to work off all the food and wine you are enjoying. Here are some great hikes you can enjoy in Napa Valley: Skyline Wilderness Park – with 850 acres...

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