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6 Fun Holiday Events in Napa Valley

There’s so much to do in Napa Valley for the holidays. From gentle snowfalls and adventures around the best spas or wineries, Napa has a little something for just about everyone. We’ve made a little list of six fantastic holiday events and sights that you shouldn’t miss out on. Holidays in Yountville Nov. 20 thru Dec. 31 Yountville is known as the “brightest town in Napa Valley” when the holidays roll around. Stick for the various holiday events that occur over six weeks as well as the beautiful...

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5 Incredibly Romantic Christmas Experiences in Napa

You don’t have to sacrifice romance when Christmas rolls around; there’s a way to experience both at the same time. Christmas in the Napa Valley is incredibly beautiful, steeped in sentimentality, and most importantly, full of incredible experiences for you and your loved one to enjoy. Here’s five of our most beloved places to visit for a romantic Christmas this year. St. Helena There’s always so much to do in St. Helena; Christmas festivities only add to the experience. Walk below street lamps...

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Planning Your First Trip to Napa

For some, Napa is a break from the world, a welcome breath of fresh air and a chance to grace the palate with something a bit more flavorful than what you get at the supermarket. For others, it’s a party that only ends when you leave. Whatever it is for you, the more you plan out your first trip to Napa, the more you can get out of it. Of course, that also means you will be able to plan your second trip even better as you learn which part of the experience you love most.   Transportation   How...

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Take Advantage of Fall and Winter Packages: The Perfect End-of-Year Napa Getaway

As the year is slowly creeping to its end, you may want to squeeze in one more relaxing Napa getaway before the cold weather sets in. Napa Valley is the ideal place for those last minute vacations. Consider all that there is to do here during the fall and winter season and whether you want to stay for a weekend or a week or more, there will be plenty to fill your heart and mind! One of the best things about visiting Napa Valley in the fall is the leaves. The grape vines go from plush green to...

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