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Kids Back to School? Perfect Time to Escape!

You have done the back-to-school shopping, and everyone is back into the swing of the new school year. So, why not treat yourself to a quick mid-week getaway to Napa Valley? Not only do you skip over tourist season, but now you can give yourself a much-needed break. Whether you come up for a day visit or stay the night, you will have plenty to keep you occupied for your time here. Try a Tasting Room: Tasting rooms in Napa Valley are open year-round, and some are even open past 5:00 pm so that...

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Kids Back in School? Perfect Time for a Parent Getaway

The kids are back at school, which means it is time to take a break and recuperate from the long summer. Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway with just the two of you or you want a mid-week escape, Napa Valley is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Napa Valley Hotel and Suites offers an exciting array of packages that can be booked in combination with a hotel suite to give you and your spouse a little alone time. Our mid-week specials let you get the most out of wine country...

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