Why You Don't Want to Miss Out on Grape Crushing Season

It’s never too early to get started planning for a late summer or early fall getaway to Napa Valley!  This is one of the most exciting seasons in the Valley with the year’s harvest and grape crushing taking place during the months of August, September and October. Napa Valley’s grapevines are picked clean, and the grapes are pressed. Napa Valley is very busy this time of the year so planning ahead will definitely be beneficial!

Grape crushing season is a wonderful time to experience what the wine industry is really about. It’s certainly fun to watch the grapes be crushed and eventually made into wine.  When the gondolas collect all of the grapes and arrive at the winery, the grower will harvest the grapes and determine whether there is a loss or profit for the year. This can make or break the Napa Valley economy.  Since tourists and visitors are also livelihood for the Napa Valley region, there are plenty of ways to involve yourself in grape crushing season. Visitors can help pick the grapes, participate in processing the grapes and taste the wine in its freshest form. Some wineries even host “crush camps” where you can get a hands-on lesson regarding the basics of wine making.

There’s definitely more to grape crushing season than just the grapes. This time of the year, you can also enjoy the changing leaves that grace the region as well as near-perfect temperatures. It’s a great time to take a hike and visit one of the many parks in the area. Also, there are fall festivals that will keep the whole family happy.

The Napa Valley region knows there is a spike in visitors during grape crushing season, so you can expect an abundance of festivals, art exhibits, grape stompings, crush camps, barbecues and barrel samples. This time of the year is a great way to wrap up the summer months while embracing a part of Napa Valley’s culture. With rooms booking up fast, it’s never too early to plan your grape crushing stay!

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