Why February is a Great Time to Visit Wine Country

For many parts of the country, February can be rather dull. Sure, there is Valentine’s Day to celebrate – which certainly gives us all something to look forward to – but many people find themselves itching for spring when the weather is still cold, damp or snowy. In Wine Country, the scene is very different. While the temperatures are still mild and some of the days are rainy, there are many things starting to pick up, and these small details are reminders of the beauty that lies ahead.

Here are just some of our favorite parts about February, and why this month deserves some special attention in Napa Valley.

Days are getting longer

Temperatures are warming up

Hills are turning green

Daffodils are starting to bloom

Crops are growing in the vineyards

Pruning crews are out

Atmosphere is relaxed and intimate

Crowds are still small and manageable

Excitement of the impending grape growing season is here

Importance of Pruning Season

February is a time for pruning, and that’s what you will see a lot of in the crops during this time of the year. What makes February so special is that the coldest weather is behind us, and steps toward a new growing season are in their infancy. People are refreshed and ready for another great season, and this enthusiasm and excitement is what Wine Country is all about.

If you’re planning a visit to Wine Country, you’ll be probably be wondering why pruning is so important. Pruning is one of the most important vineyard tasks, and it sets the stage for vine management for the duration of the season. Thanks to pruning, the buds are managed and there is a balance between the grapes and shoot growth. When the vine is well balanced, it produces high-quality, ripe fruit.

There are some variations about when the best time to prune is, so you may see some variation from vineyard to vineyard. Some start pre-pruning in January, while others wait as long as possible and don’t start pruning until March. This is what makes each vineyard unique, and each production of wine distinct as well. So, if you do pay Wine Country a visit, take note of the pruning that marks the beginning of a new season.

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