Visiting the Napa Valley on a Tight Budget

Visiting the Napa Valley on a Tight Budget

The Napa Valley is an incredible place to visit any time of the year. A lot of people think of wine and restaurants and automatically assume this isn’t the type of place you can visit on a tight budget, but nothing is further from the truth.

Choosing Your Wineries

A lot of people end up in Napa and are overwhelmed by the number of wineries and tasting options. This is where a lot of people run into financial trouble, as some wineries charge up to $50 per person for a tasting experience. Here’s the secret, though – there are tons that offer tastings for as little as $10 per person. Check out the Napa Tourist Guide for information about some of the lower-priced tastings and how to find them.

Napa Tourist Guide

And that aforementioned Napa Tourist Guide? That is an excellent resource for all-things-budget when visiting Napa. You’ll find lots of coupons, discounts, and budget-friendly tips to keep you moving throughout the area. Check back often because they occasionally have coupons for FREE winery tastings and events (for example, the Wine Pass – for which they currently have a coupon code you can use to get the pass for $40 instead of $125)!

Flaunt Your Industry Affiliations

Do you work for a bar or restaurant? Ask someone at the Napa Valley visitor center to direct you to the wineries that will offer complimentary tastings to those who are in the industry. Sometimes all you have to show is an ID and a business card. Wineries want to spread the word about their products, so treat them respectfully and you may just form a business relationship in the process as well.

Choosing the Right Hotel

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a hotel, but this is really where you’ll want to spend the majority of your budget – for the ambiance and experience. Napa Valley Hotel and Suites has a number of room options and deals that are designed to make a weekend away a reality.

Look for Mobile Apps

A lot of tourist groups in the Napa area are creating apps to help visitors stay on top of the best deals. The Winery Finder App currently features information on more than 140 wineries throughout the valley and Sonoma, often with coupons.

You don’t have to be rollin’ in the dough to visit Napa – you simply have to be a bit creative about what you do when you arrive. Do a little research before your trip and we’re positive you’ll be incredibly pleased with what you find accessible to you and your budget.

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