Napa Valley Grape Harvest Season

Visit the Napa Certified “Green” Vintners

All set for your upcoming Napa vacation? Are you fervently browsing thousands of exciting options to shortlist your wine tastings and food pairings? Why not deviate from the usual and pick out wineries that have something extraordinary going on and produce the most amazing wines in the region?

Participants of Napa Green’s sustainable, environmentally progressive philosophy, Napa’s “green” vintners have taken the ‘Soil to Bottle’ concept to a different level. Whether you are a hard-core environmentalist, an eco-conscious consumer, or simply intrigued by what green vintners do, you have the opportunity to meet them up close. Learn how these vintners have adopted a series of thoughtful decisions to promote conservation of the land and resources by:

  • Changing the vineyard layouts or planting areas to minimize water usage.
  • Planting cover crops to prevent soil erosion and enhance water retention.
  • Relying on natural predators, such as bluebirds and owls to minimize man-made interventions for pest and disease control.
  • Embracing newer techniques and timings for pruning and picking to maximize the grape quality.
  • Making innovative decisions on crushing, fermenting and storage to reduce usage of water and energy, as well as the amount of waste generated.

Here are some of the wineries where you can meet Napa certified green vintners and learn more about their green initiatives while sipping on exclusive wines:

  • Trefethen Family Vineyards: Enjoy these valley floor vineyards in one of the oldest wineries in Napa, known for its environmental stewardship. Check out their Dry Reisling, or the unique red blend, Dragon’s Tooth.
  • Saintsbury: Sip their famous Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays at a garden table or inside the barrel cellar while you learn about their green initiatives.
  • Rutherford Hill Winery: In addition to stunning valley views and snippets on green winegrowing, line up for their cave tour and try their elegant Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons.
  • Trinchero Napa Valley: Taste the Sauvignon Blanc or other flagship Cabernet Sauvignons in this decades-old winery that has won awards for its green winegrowing practices.
  • Long Meadow Ranch: Visit this winery for its integrated full-circle farming. They not only craft elegant wines, but also have a farm stand that sells their vegetables, fruits, estate olive oils and grass-fed Highland beef.

Explore Napa’s green program and find several other green vintners in the region, along with detailed itineraries that match your interests.

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