Three Hands-on Wineries to Enjoy While visiting Napa


When visiting the Napa Valley, you may be overwhelmed with the options of wineries to visit. There are more than 450 wineries in a 30 mile radius. Touring and tasting wines from various vineyards is just part of the Napa Valley Experience. Once you’ve secured your Napa Valley lodging reservation then you can begin checking out the wineries and tour options. If you have never been to a winery then a hands-on tour would be ideal to get you started. These three hands-on wineries each offer a great experience.

What Does Hands-On Mean?

Rather than just touring a winery and tasting different vintages, a hands-on experience is often more like a class. Some wineries offer a cooking class that teaches you what wines go with each dish. Others may offer a dessert and various pairings to help you plan future meals and the wines that go with each. The more you know about the different aspects of wine and how they go with various cuisines, the more confident you will be with wine purchases and pairings when you return home. One new hands-on event that has become popular is a wine and art night where you get to paint a picture while enjoying your wine.

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

Not only will you enjoy gorgeous views and delicious wines. When you visit Jamieson Ranch Vineyards you’ll also have the opportunity to try a guided wine and food pairing or a veranda cheese pairing. These are relaxed events that you can attend in between enjoying other activities in the Napa Valley.

Charles Krug Winery

You’ll feel like you’re in Italy when you enjoy the Charles Krug Winery’s front lawn wood-fired pizza pairings. There are a selection of pizzas offered and you will learn which wines go with each type and why. Relax in comfy Adirondack chairs and sip amazing vintages while enjoying the awesome view of the vineyard with a mountain backdrop.

HALL Wines

“A Taste of HALL” gives visitors the chance to enjoy a three-course food and wine pairing workshop each month. Learning all about various foods and how they pair with specific wines will help you plan lavish meals and entertaining dinners for business, family or friends.

There are many winery options in the Napa Valley, so, if this is your first visit, take advantage of the learning opportunities as well as the tourist activities. One week or weekend will not be enough; we know you’ll be back to Napa for even more delicious and beautiful experiences.

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