The Arts Come Alive at the Napa Valley Museum

Soak in Napa Valley’s rich culture and history at the Napa Valley Museum. From art displays to historical artifacts, this museum has something for everyone.  The museum features a variety of traveling exhibits and local historians who display Napa’s past through painting, sculpture and authentic period pieces.

The museum offers guided museum tours on request in addition to special events such as wine mixers, art exhibit openings, high tea and fundraisers.

One unique aspect of this museum is its commitment to sustainability and the environment. Napa Valley is known worldwide for being forward thinking about green initiatives and programs and the museum mirrors the city’s dedication.   

The Napa Valley Museum is located in Yountville, only a short distance from Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.  It’s open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily; closed Tuesdays.

Make your next visit to Napa Valley an educationally enriching experience and stop by the Napa Valley Museum.  When making your plans, be sure to include your reservation at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. 

We offer special hotel package rates and weekend deals to fit any budget.  Call Napa Valley Hotel and Suites today at 707-226-1871.

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