Spending Valentine's Day in Napa Valley

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Ah, the sweet feeling of Valentine’s Day love. A roaring fireplace, a glass of red wine, a gourmet dinner — all of these make for the perfect setting when the romantic holiday rolls around. That’s what makes Napa Valley hotel reservations the perfect gift for lovers, be they together for just a few months or many, many years. Even though Napa Valley’s peak time occurs in the summer, late winter affords sweethearts a particularly unique opportunity to experience the valley anew. What’s so special about the Valley in February? Let these incredible benefits soften your heart and draw you in.

Scaled-Back Relaxation

February in Napa Valley is significantly less busy and bustling than summer or spring. What this means for you is more peace and quiet, even if you’re making Napa Valley reservations at one of the very best boutique hotels. With fewer cars on the road and fewer tourists milling around, the experience is much more intimate – perfect for long, slow, luxurious Valentine’s Day weekend getaways. Park yourself in a hot tub with your sweetheart and one of the Valley’s most delicious wines, or curl up in front of a roaring fire and just enjoy each other’s company instead. Winter in Napa Valley is about slowing down and savoring every sweet moment you come across, in whatever way works best for you.

Romance on the Rails

In winter, the Napa Valley’s tourism industry becomes less about the outdoor scenery (as beautiful as it is with a light layer of snow) and more about romance. Escape with your sweetheart and take a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train’s special event, Romance on the Rails. You’ll traverse the Napa Valley, bathed in soft, ambient red light, all the while dining on delicious gourmet food and sumptuously rich cabernet wines. Stars sparkle down on you through the top vista roof – or maybe snow, depending on the weather – as you delight in the three-hour journey across the countryside. It’s an experience not soon forgotten. The Romance on the Rails experience runs only once per month, and books up extremely fast during the Valentine’s Day season, so be sure to book your outing well in advance.

Falling in love with the idea of spending Valentine’s Day at Napa Valley yet? There’s so much to see and do while you’re here. From holiday celebrations to serene moments spent watching the snow fall, winter in the Valley is a truly special experience.

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