Something To Do For Every Day of the Week in Napa

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Are you worried that you will miss an exciting attraction or that you won’t be able to find enough things to do in the Napa Valley to occupy everyone for a whole week? Don’t worry, there are so many things to do in Napa that you could come back for one week a year for a decade and not run out of things.

Wine Tours

While there are several different types and locations for wine tours in the Valley, you’d be wise to take a bit of time to plan exactly which wineries and other sights you want to see. There are limo tours, the Napa Valley Wine Train, and individual winery tours. You could actually do a different kind of wine tour each day of the week and still not see them all!


There are four museums in the Napa Valley. In between wine tours, stop in and view amazing art, learn some history, and more. There may even be wine, food, and music happening at some museum events. Check events calendars when planning your itinerary; that way you won’t miss a great afternoon tour that you would have enjoyed, if only you’d known about it.

Seasonal Festivals

In May of each year, the Napa Valley is home to ‘Bottle Rock’, a huge outdoor music festival. In March Flavor! , a festival of food and wine happens. Check Napa events calendars to find out when the festivals you want to attend are scheduled, so you can plan your trip to include the event!


There are several different parks and trails in and around the Valley. Plan a day long excursion or a short hike to get close to nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Hotel Entertainment

While vacations are great, you may find that you are so busy going and doing, that you don’t take the time to appreciate your lodgings and what they have to offer. Take a day to unwind at the hotel. Check out the hotel spa, take a dip or lounge by the pool, and enjoy dining at the hotel restaurant. When planning your trip choose a Napa Valley hotel or resort that has amenities you will enjoy.

There’s more than enough to see and do in Napa to entertain you for a week. As you return year after year, you’ll find that you have old favorites and new discoveries each trip. Some activities become a tradition, like visiting the Love Lock Bridge, while others may be a once in a lifetime experience. The magic of Napa Valley is that everyone takes a different memory home with them.

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