Safari West: Your Ticket to the Spirit of Africa

African Zebra
c/o: Gareth Weeks

Nestled in Napa Valley are rolling vineyards, historic wineries and the spirit of Africa. That’s right; the Safari West brings the spirit of Africa to the heart of Wine Country. Safari West is tucked away on 400 acres of land and is home to over 400 exotic mammals and birds. It’s unlike anything else as it’s not a zoo or drive-through tour. Instead, Safari West is a wildlife preserve where exotic animals and birds can be observed in their natural habitat. The goal of this park is to preserve wildlife through breeding, research and public education and interaction.

There is always some type of project being done at Safari West. It’s one of few facilities in North America that belongs to the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, and the park was first established in 1989. You’ll find the most unique animals here, such as cheetahs, giraffes and zebras roaming around in a habitat that is primitive and indigenous. There are often breeding projects that go on, such as the breeding of endangered bird species. Additionally, there are conservation programs being created in order to protect endangered or extinct animals.

Safari West feels that it’s important they share these messages with the rest of the world, as so much of our society is dominated by technology and deadlines. We often forget about the natural beauty of exotic wildlife, and Safari West fits in nicely with the rest of the laidback, relaxed atmosphere of Napa Valley. The park offers safari tours year-round, and it’s a wonderful place to bring the family if you’re looking for activities that everyone will enjoy together.

There are a variety safari tours, including private, group and vehicle tours. If you’re heavy into the biological nature of exotic wildlife, you can even schedule a particular tour that delves deeper into the technicalities of breeding and wildlife preservation. To fit in with the rest of Napa Valley, you can also enjoy a variety of packages that offer wine tastings. While Safari West does offer lodging in luxury safari tents, many families spend the day at the park and sleep at a nearby hotel such as Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.

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