Off the Beaten Path: Hiking the Napa Valley

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There’s a bit more to the Napa Valley than delicious wine. If you’re planning a trip, your first step will be to secure Napa Valley hotel reservations and then begin planning your itinerary. Visits to vineyards, shopping and hiking are all part of the Napa experience.  Plan your hiking experience in Napa by learning about various trails and evaluating your experience. You can also decide how intense a hiking trip you want to do while on vacation.

Easy Trails

There are two notable easy hiking trails in the area. The Yountville Crossroads is a loop that is approximately one mile long. You’ll have an easy walk and enjoy many bird species, gorgeous trees, and wild grapevines. The Yountville Crossroads can sometimes get a bit crowded due to the location and ease of the hike, so you might prefer an alternate experience with less traffic in the Westwood Hills Park. This trail is about two miles long and features many natural sights as you pass under a canopy of old Oak trees.

Moderate Trails

If your goal is to spend half a day hiking then the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail or Robert Louis Stevenson State Park for 5-7 mile hike offers great views once you reach your destination. Pack a lunch and head off on an adventure. You will still have time to get dressed and enjoy an elegant dinner after visiting a moderate trail in the Napa Valley.

Hiking Tips

There are a few things that will make even a short hike more enjoyable. The first is to always stay on the trail. Getting lost would really derail your vacation. Pack plenty of sunscreen, water and snacks, but remember that no wine is allowed on the National Park trails. Save your sampling for tasting trips. Be aware of the weather forecast and pack layers of clothing as needed. Mornings are often chilly in higher elevations and afternoons will usually be warm.

There is so much to do and see in the Napa Valley, if you don’t make plans, you may miss out on something you really wanted to do. Once you’ve decided where to stay, start checking out what activities, tours and trails are in the area as well as picking out restaurants and shopping that you want to try out. By planning ahead, you will be able to make sure that you get the full Napa experience on your trip, whether you’re there for a week or just a weekend.


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