January is Napa Valley Restaurant Month

Don’t be disappointed that the holidays are over. In Napa Valley, we’re always celebrating something! The entire month of January is Napa Valley Restaurant Month where you can come and sip, slurp and indulge in some of the best foods and wines in the area.

Napa Valley is already home to more Michelin-star rated restaurants per capita than any other wine nation in the world, so we’re no stranger to delicious food and wine selections. During the month of January, you can enjoy new menu selections and set prices that give you more reasons to indulge.

Here are some of the highlights to Napa Valley Restaurant Month:

Set prices for lunch and dinner menus
Featured Napa Valley wines
Discounted winter hotel packages
Chef’s special tasting menus include three courses
Smaller crowds
Beautiful, dormant vineyards
Slower pace
Heartier meals

    Napa Valley is home to some of the finest restaurants, and Restaurant Month gives visitors the chance to sample many foods in one weekend. Many of the chefs offer their own sampler menu that includes an appetizer, dinner and dessert for a set menu price. You can sip on wine, mimosas or handcrafted beer, many of which are at discounted prices as well.

    Napa Valley Hotel and Suites offers a variety of winter packages so you can book a room during our slower season while getting five-star amenities such as king size beds and a bubbling jacuzzi. With competitive rates and impeccable service, you can arrange an affordable yet luxurious trip to Napa Valley during Restaurant Month. Your support is good for our local economy as well, especially as many of our restaurants focus on fresh ingredients that are locally grown.

    Visitors also appreciate the slower pace and smaller crowds that take place during the winter season, also known as Cabernet Season. The vineyards are dormant, showing off a breathtaking view of the mountains and hills. The mild temperatures are warm enough that you can still get outdoors and enjoy a bike ride or hike through one of the many trails around the area.

    January doesn’t have to be a slow, dull month. Come and experience Napa Valley Restaurant Month and indulge in delicious foods and wines all at a discounted price!

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