Interesting Things You May Not Know about Napa Valley – But Would Love to!

Napa Valley is typically associated with wine and vineyards. While those are the highlights of what Napa has to offer, there is much more to this charming region than its fine wines and spritzers.

If you focus only on the main tourist attractions, you miss out on many other interesting activities and sights. From the culinary scene to the outdoor adventures, try to discover the hidden gems around Napa Valley.

Here is what you probably did not know about Napa Valley:

  • Bunny Foo Foo: If Hall Wines is on your list of must-see attractions, do not forget to stop and see “Bunny Foo Foo.” This 35-foot chrome statue is at the winery’s entrance and depicted mid-leap. It is a delightful sight for sure and perfect for some unique photo memories.
  • Art Finds: While there are galleries throughout the area, you will find the most whimsical collections at di Rosa. A family of vintners owns the estate, and the gallery is their private collection on display. Most of their pieces are from local artists, which means you may not find them anywhere else.
  • Tour the Gatehouse Gallery: Gatehouse Gallery offers a tour of their 217-acre property. You can see the sculptures in the meadow and other unique, artsy finds.
  • Gastronomy Galore: Visit the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Here you will enjoy cooking demonstrations, classic French cuisine, lip-smacking creations by world-renowned chefs, and hands-on culinary adventures.

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