Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Tis the season to enjoy a quality glass of wine while relaxing by the fire and enjoying time with family and friends. We all know at least one person who enjoys wine from time to time, but those of us who know a true wine lover will be pleased to know there are dozens of things you can do to create a personalized holiday gift she’ll enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.

Decorative Wine Racks

A true wine lover likely has a pretty nice collection from different wineries and vineyards, local and not. Why not give him the opportunity to put that wine on display by gifting a decorative wine rack? You can find dozens of varieties, from the simplistic to the ornate, ranging from only a few bottles to well over 100. The sky is the limit and this is a personalized anyone who enjoys wine is sure to love.

Wine of the Month Club

Perhaps your wine lover enjoys sampling different labels? There are several different Wine of the Month clubs you could sign her up for. The California Wine Club, for example, ships 2 bottles per month with options for one of each red and white, two reds, or two whites. The cost averages $40 to $330 depending on the length of the subscription you purchase.

Stemware Racks

Of course, all true wine lovers know you can’t drink your wine out of any old cup. Many have some pretty impressive collections of stemware. An under-cabinet stemware rack makes glasses easily accessible while allowing them to be part of the kitchen or bar area’s overall décor.

Cookbooks for Wine Lovers

One of the keys to enjoying a great glass of wine is to pair it with the right foods. The Wine Lover’s Cookbook: Great Recipes for the Perfect Glass of Wine, by Sid Goldstein, is the perfect companion for a wine drinker who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes, and planning the perfectly coordinated event.

Wine Tasting Event

Many local wineries offer wine tasting tours and packages, ranging from simple tours and samplings to full-course dinner events paired with just the right wine. A planned night out or a gift certificate would give you the chance to combine a little romance with an activity your wine lover really appreciates.

Visiting Wine Country

For that extra special someone in your life, a trip to wine country may be just what the holiday season needs. Book a stay at the Napa Valley Hotel & Suites, tour the local attractions, and relax in a gorgeous, romantic atmosphere. Give us a call at 866-610-8944 to learn about your current packages and specials.

Any true wine lover will sincerely appreciate any of these gift ideas, and she’ll feel especially loved by the thought you put into choosing a gift she could really appreciate and use. Happy Holidays!

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