Golf, Beer & Food: A Guys' Guide to a Napa Valley 'Mancation'

It’s no secret that girls love their time out. Between girls’ nights out, mini-spa weekends and impromptu getaways, it seems that girls are getting all the attention. But guys need time away too – a ‘mancation so to speak – and Napa Valley is the perfect place to do it.

Napa Valley has all of the pieces to the puzzle for giving guys a great weekend. They include:

  • Golf on championship courses

  • Locally brewed beer

  • Wine tastings

  • Michelin-star restaurants

  • Performance driving raceways

  • Spas for men


There are dozens of golf courses, with convenient packages for groups. Choose your tee time and enjoy a perfect afternoon in perfect weather. If you feel that your skills are still a bit rusty, schedule one-on-one golf lessons with a pro or group lessons for you and your friends.

Microbrewed Beer

From pub crawls to barbecued foods, you can enjoy microbrewed beers paired with the best foods. There are also nightclubs and blues’ bars that serve up plenty of beer selections coupled with great appetizers and music. It’s the perfect setting for unwinding – with the guys of course.

Wine Tastings

If you have an appreciation for wine, spend the weekend touring various wineries. It’s always fun to learn about the local wine culture in Napa Valley, especially if you have an entrepreneurial background.

Fine Dining

Whether you’re looking for a creamy chowder or a big, meaty burger, you can find anything under the sun in Wine Country. Many of the restaurants offer seasonal menus with locally grown produce and ingredients. Or, expand your own boundaries by taking a culinary workshop.

Speed Racing

Most guys have a need for speed, and you can get an adrenaline rush by visiting one of several racetracks. If you’d rather be behind the wheel than on the sidelines, sign up for one-on-one road and track coaching offered by certified NASCAR drivers.


Men need pampering, too, so don’t be afraid to hit up some of the spas that offer men’s packages that include soaking tubs, steam showers, wellness massages, hand and foot massages and deep cleansings.

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