Escape to Napa Valley Before School Is Out

Napa Valley is a highly popular location in the summer months, so it can get a little chaotic when school lets out. Now is the ideal time to enjoy the warmer weather, soak up the spring flowers and sun, and have a quieter Napa experience before school ends for the summer break.

Some of the best ways to tour Napa Valley are:

  • By car – one of the most popular ways to tour Napa Valley on your own schedule is by car. At Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, we can help you map out your tour of Napa Valley so you can take in all the sites you want and enjoy your perfect Napa day.
  • By train – another very popular way to tour Napa Valley is by train. We are lucky enough to have a unique, magnificently appointed train ride on tracks built originally in the 1860s. You’ll ride comfortably through miles of gorgeous scenery and make stops at different locations depending on the day of the week. See the Napa Valley Wine Train site for details and tickets.
  • By limo – there are many limousine tours that take the work out of navigating and the worry out of drinking and driving. The tour organizers will customize your itinerary to suit your preferences and steer clear of tourist traps.

There are many wonderful ways to enjoy the beauty and scenery of Napa Valley. Schedule your stay at the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites and you’ll be within walking distance of every restaurant and theatre you may want to try!

Other ways to enjoy touring Napa Valley are by bike, in a hot air balloon, in a kayak, and on foot. There are hiking trails, biking options, hot air balloon companies and tours that cater to those who really want to make the most of exploring the great outdoors.

Between now and when school lets out, visitors to Napa Valley have the ideal shoulder season – not too hot and not too crowded – so you can get around easily wherever you want to go. Create an outdoor adventure, or a romantic getaway, or a much-needed escape before the long days of summer are upon you.

Call our friendly staff at 707-226-1871 to book your stay in Napa Valley today.

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