Does the Wine Glass Make a Difference?

Wine drinkers know that there are many glasses available – big glasses, small glasses, wide glasses, narrow glasses – but do any of them really affect the way wine tastes? Some people say no, but we say yes – wine glasses can and do make a difference in the way wine tastes. Here’s a few factors that affect the taste of wine. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself!

Small or Large Bowl Size

When the bowl of the glass is large, it allows more circulation to get through, which means the aromas are able to manifest themselves. In general, large glasses are intended for red wines since these varieties need more time and air to have distinct flavors. So, if you enjoy red wines opt for larger bowls that will give your wine a bolder taste.

Tall or Short

A second consideration is the height of the wine glass. A taller glass that has a larger opening is best for red wines. When the opening is large, it allows the notes to reach your nose as well as the tongue. Being able to smell and taste the wine gives the drink its full-bodied nature. Generally, taller glasses are for full-bodied wines, while Burgundy glasses work better for delicate white wines.

Stem or Stemless

Whether or not the glass has a stem is a personal choice, not one that will affect the taste of the wine. While traditional stem glasses have been most popular, more people are turning to the stemless varieties thanks to their durability and practicality. Stems are brittle and can break easily, so stemless wine glasses are a bit more dependable, especially in social situations when you need to look your best.

Wine Flutes – Yes or No?

If you prefer champagne or sparkling wine, you don’t necessarily have to reach for a champagne flute. White wine glasses have a wider bowl and mouth, so they are suitable for tasting the aromas and flavors. The wine won’t be as bubbly as it would in a wine flute, but the end result will probably taste better.

Colored or Plain Glasses

For serious wine tasters, clear glasses are best since they allow you to see the richness of the wine. When it comes to taste, though, colored or clear glasses don’t affect the taste. If you enjoy having unique wine glasses that have fun prints or colors, enjoy the wine tasting experience and use them!

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