Attend a Cooking Class in Napa Valley

You’ve watched the television shows and you may have been inspired to spice up your own culinary skills, but when is there the time? You don’t have to go to Italy or France to discover a great cooking class.

The Napa Valley wine country, with its fresh produce, excellent wines, and open environment is the perfect location for taking your cooking skills to a whole new level of excitement.

See a full list of cooking classes found in the Napa Valley, or read about a few of our favorites:

  • Camp Napa Culinary is now celebrating its 21st year of culinary programs. Ahead of their time, these folks have been hosting the insider’s tour of Napa Valley’s elite wineries, well-appointed kitchens and elegant homes. An exclusive 6-day cooking, food, and wine appreciation tour designed for independent travelers who want to learn in their free time. Class sizes are limited to 16 people.
  • The Gourmet Retreats at CasaLana include hands-on cooking classes taught in CasaLana’s professionally equipped kitchen. Classes range from just 5 hours to a 5-day cooking program. Class sizes are limited to 9 people. Whether you are an experienced cook or just getting started, the CasaLana team will take you on an extraordinary culinary adventure.

After you’ve learned all the tips you can handle and delved into the secrets of culinary chefs, end your day at one of the most popular boutique hotels in Napa Valley, the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. When you’re scheduling your culinary experience, be sure to make a reservation with us online.

Call 707-226-1871 and our friendly staff will help you discover all there is to enjoy in Napa Valley.

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