The 5 Best Places to Catch Some Rays in Napa

Considering a trip to Napa Valley this summer? Glorious, sunny days in the Valley are incredibly sublime. Whether your favorite thing to do is picnic, relax on the patio while you sip wine, or even go on long hiking adventures, you’re sure to always find something to do. For the sun worshippers, we have this list of incredible places to sunbathe (or just spend time outside) prepared.

Lake Sonoma

With nearly 50 miles of shores to lounge on and hang out by, Lake Sonoma is a delightful retreat for the soul. Pick from one of the many comfortable shore-side hangouts and go for a dip before you lay out and soak up some sun. Or, head through one of the multitudes of hiking zones that weave their way around the lake first. The crystal-clear water is just the right temperature in summer for comfortable swimming, boating, fishing, and more.

Skyline Wilderness Park

Craving a bit of sunshine in the wilds? Head for Skyline Wilderness Park. Once you arrive, you’ll be astonished by the sheer beauty of this preserved land and all it has to offer. Stroll the gorgeous gardens on site in the sunny weather or head out into the wilderness for a picnic. Visit the tiny (but pretty) Lake Marie while you’re there.

Bothe-Napa State Park

Bothe-Napa State Park in Calistoga remains one of the Valley’s most treasured locations. This is the only inland location in California with a rich and diverse population of ancient redwood trees, making it extra-special while also providing plenty of canopy for shade breaks. Plop yourself down out in the open fields when you want to take a break and enjoy the weather.

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Named after the famed writer who made Treasure Island a household name, this smaller state park sits at the meeting point of Sonoma, Lake, and Napa county. It is home to one of the most beautiful 5-mile walking trails in the state. Although the California wildfires took their toll on this beautiful spot, the views are still astronomically gorgeous if you head up about 500 feet. Head here when you want to get just a little bit closer to the sun itself for your sun-worshipping.

Oat Hill Mine Trail

Ever wanted to see the entire Napa Valley at once? You can do that under the warmth of the summer sun if you head to Oat Hill Mine Trail. This 4-mile (8 miles return) hiking trail is lined with gorgeous trees, meadows, fields, and some of the area’s most gorgeous views. While it’s fantastic all year round, early and late summer are best simply because temperatures are a little bit cooler for your long hike.

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