How to Pick the Best Wine for Date Night

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, many couples enjoy dinners out during the month of February. Whether you plan on indulging in a buttery steak or freshly caught seafood, you’ll need a bottle of wine to complete your meal. Not only does a glass of wine enhance the flavors in foods, but also it lightens the mood and makes date nights a bit more fun! Below you’ll find the best tips for choosing the perfect wine for date night.  Start with the food What’s on the menu? It’s typically easier...

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Wine Napa Valley

Why Not Drink Your Napa Valley Wines Instead of Storing Them?

You make it to wine country, pick up a few bottles, and plan to store some at home for the long year. While there is nothing wrong with a bottle or two in the pantry, Napa wines are better served up not too long after they are purchased. Reasons to Indulge Now and Not Store it for Later Instead of storing your Napa wines, here are a few reasons to drink them now rather than later: Temperature Control and Storage: At home, it is unlikely that you have a wine cellar or a perfectly controlled storage...

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wine and food pairing

Wine and Food Pairing 101: Preparing You for Your Wine Country Visit

Pairing wine is like learning a foreign language. Not only do you need to know the various types of wines and grapes out there, but you also need to understand their flavor undertones, regions, and what foods they work best with. While it takes years to become a true sommelier (including a formal education), here are a few beginner-friendly tips so that you can pick up great bottles of wine and bring them home for your taste fest: Chardonnay: Chardonnays are dry wines, but some have a vanilla...

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