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Familiar with Napa’s Grapevine Growth? It is a Juicy Story that You Must Know!

There is something quite extraordinary about Napa Valley as a destination. Not only does it cater to visitors with varying ages and preferences, but it is abuzz with a flurry of activities all year round. Whether it is wine tasting, shopping, dining, adventure activities, or relaxation, the valley offers it all. What is most magical about this region, is its scenic beauty. The sight of spectacular rolling hills and lush vineyards dotting the entire landscape of wine country can leave anyone...

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Visiting Napa’s Sub-Appellations? What You Need to Know

Wine enthusiasts know that the taste of the grape reflects the climate and weather of the area where vines grow. When temperatures are too cool, grapes are tart. If temperatures rise, grapes can overripen or dry out. Too much rain can dilute the flavor and change the sugar/acid balance of the fruit. Too little moisture reduces the yield of grapes, which means less wine! Fortunately, the U.S. is home to Napa Valley and its sub-appellations, where conditions for winemaking are optimal. An appellation...

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Napa Valley Grape Harvest Season

What Grapes are Grown in Napa Valley?

While there are many factors at play, did you know that the overarching taste and color of wine come from its grapes and how the wine is aged? In Napa Valley, you may wonder what grapes are the most popular in a place known as “wine country.” To broaden your wine knowledge, here are the most popular grapes found in Napa Valley: Cabernet Sauvignon: Cabernet Sauvignon comes from ripe red grapes, and in Napa Valley, it accounts for 40 percent of their total production and 55 percent of...

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Napa Valley Grape Harvest Season

Trends in Napa Valley Grape Production

It may come as a surprise to some but trends come and go in grape production just as they do in fashion. From weather changes to groundwater, vineyards throughout wine country have to readjust their growing techniques, but also adapt to new technology. Despite what Mother Nature throws at them, winemakers are always optimistic about the industry, and they come up with innovative ways to maximize their crops. Here are a few trends in grape production, including the good and the bad: Smaller Crop...

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